Tips pemilihan Olive Oil

“I’ve been making a lot of pasta. It’s easy. There are unusual tastes that you can combine. I cook because my kids like a certain kind of thing and then they want it over and over.”

Meryl Streep

Petikan daripada , kata-kata Meryl Steep amat tepat. Most of the kids likes pasta very much. But we need to bear in our mind, kids also know how to taste. They accepted because the good taste, so to make it pasta good taste we shall follow the right steps and right rules. Especially Pasta Olio E aglio. The selection of olive oil kena pilih yang betul-betul quality. Olive oil sekali rasa lebih kurag sama saja mostly bila dah siap di masak.

Hanya Jauhari yang mengenal manikam

Bila dah familiar dengan olive oil yang different grades. Anda akan dapat rasa perbezaan rasa nya…My italian friends informed me, to know the good quality Olive Oil, kita boleh try bau (smell), kalau strong smell itu good quality, also taste bit hot,rasa pedas. Yang paling senang tengok packaging , good quality tak boleh expose to direct sun so bottle olive yang dark color bukan yang transparent (jernih).

Dark and transparent olive oil bottle.

Kalau tengok di bottle claim “virgin olive oil” tapi guna bottle yang cystal clear jernih , paham-paham la. Kalau yang dalam botol jernih itu masih bukan virgin lagi. Itu olive oil yang biasa yang sesuai untuk digunakan dalam masakan temperature yang agak tinggi. Kalau virgin oil kena guna suhu yang rendah…

Jadi untuk pasta Olio E Aglio, anda boleh buat experiment try add and error to identify which olive oil that suitable with your taste. Tidak semestinya yang olive oil harga yang mahal taste nya menepati citarasa anda. Taste is subjective depend on citarasa seseorang.